This is a photo of the 1985 ISA Men's Major World Series All Tournament team.
Back Row L-R, Clyde Guy, Bruce Meade, Doug Brown, Charles Wright, Stan Harvey, Don Arndt, Big Billy Polllock
Kneeling L-R, Mark Herlmier, Richard Wilborn, Rick Wheeler, Curtis Williams, Billy Blake, Bill Gatti...

Some of the photos were provided by The Legend of Softball Mike "Big Cat" Macenko and Jerome Ernest

Photo of the 1994 TPS Softball Advisory Staff.


This is a photo of one of the big boys in slo-pitch softball during the 70's and 80's. His name is Herman Rathman. He hails from Kansas. Played for Nelson's Painting Sevice in 1977 when they double dipped Ken Sanders Ford to win the ASA Me


I like to put up old photos of some great softball players. Here is one of none other than Al White. Al was one of the first big time players who went for the highest bidder. All the teams wanted him. He loved to play the game and boy could he play. Played with Nelson's-1977 ASA Championship in Parma, Ohio. This photo he is playing with American Realty at the ASA Nationals in York, Pa. in 1979. One thing people didn't know was that Big Al was the Uncle of Hall Of Fame Football player Reggie White.


Here is a photo of the Ritch's Superior team at the Men's Major World Series held in Daytona Beach. Great Team.. We won the Smoky that year but could not get it done at the USSSA. Ken Marsh, Mr. Beloli, and Frank Webb were the other sponsors for the team that year... Seems like yesterday when Mr. Beloli would say wake and smell the coffee...
In this photo: Paul Drilling, Britt Hightower, Frank Lateano, Darrell Beeler, Buddy Slater, Rick Weiterman, Ron Parnell, Dirk Androff, Kirk Beloli, Charles Wright, Cecil Whitehead, Mike Macenko, Keith Beloli, Jacques Millier, Larry Freideu, Ken Marsh, Doug Roberson, Frank Webb, Andy Beloli


Here is a photo of Dave Neale the mgr. for Steele's arguing with home plate umpire Larry Hunt at the Smoky Mountain Classic. Needless to say they threw Dave out and we forfeited the game to Howard's. We took a 15 minute break and came back to beat 52-31 for the championship.. Today Mr. Neale would have been 73 years old. He passed in 2009. Mr. Neale did a lot for the game of softball. May God Bless Him...


Here is a photo with Tom Beall in it. He played with one of the greatest softball teams of all time. Howard's Western Steer.. The manager was Randy Gorell who had won the triple crown the year before with Campbell's Carpet. The gentleman in the front row on the left end is none other than Bobby Lutz Jr. He is the person that did the play by play last year in the Border Battle softball game. Half the team is in the ASA or USSSa Hall Of Fame. They could do it all...


In this photo: Bill Ferguson, Bobby Lutz Jr., Tom Beall alias The Bellringer, Ed Roth, Don Arndt, Dick the Rocketman Bartel, Buddy Slater, Stan The Man Harvey, Randy Gorell, Rick Crusher Scherr, Denny Hogan, Gene Fischer, Stevie Howard, Rooster Bradley, The Texas Tornado Richard Wilborn, The Legend Mr. Howard





Does anyone remember these players. These bats were some of the best aluminum bats ever made. iIn 1981 my Nationwide team was sponsored by Steele's. I pulled a fast one and stripped the paint off of my SHB and put pine tar all over the bat. When asled how was the Steelebat I would say unbelievable. Knowbody knew I was swinging a SHB. Lets see who can name all of the players. You don't count Tommy Beall
In this photo: Rick Scherr, Don Arndt, Stan Harvey, Ed Roth, Tom Beall, Ray Fleetwood


The 2 Indiana All Star Teams in the Championship of the All Star Classic in Panama City Fl.The team on the Left was the Winner


NSA Open World Series Champions
Reds/K&G?Astros- 2010
2010 NSA Mens South C State Champions-Badgers
2001 nsa mens a world champions K&G/Mercer
Industrial World Champs






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